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Cala Gonone- in the gulf of Orosei

sunny 29 °C

Cala Gonone

Day 1

The day started rather early and it was a very long day. We had to catch the train from Rome at 6am to Cittavecchia (which is the port of Rome), then catch the boat- more like a cruise to Olbia in Sardegna. The boat had a swimming pool on it!! It took over 5 hours to get over to Sardegna.

Our ferry/boat/cruise- The Moby Tommy (from Tom & Jerry)

When we got to the port of Olbia, we were totally confused. Most people had their cars on the boat. There was limited public transport. We had to get to Olbia airport to catch the bus to Cala Gonone. We ended up hopping into an unofficial Mercedes taxis. We made it just in time for the bus which took 2 hours to get to Cala Gonone. By the time we got to Cala Gonone it was nearly 6pm- like I said a very long day!!! :( But thank god we made it here. At one point I was thinking we were never going to get to Cala Gonone. But it was well worth the travel.

Our hotel is 200m from the beach. This town survives on tourism- mostly Italian from the mainland. We are so glad we can now communicate a little bit in Italian as not a lot of people here speak English. Our current form of communication involves us pretending we speak italian, listening, smiling and nodding. We get it right about 70% of the time. The most we ever understand is 2 words but its amazing what can be interpreted from that...

So glad to have finally made it here..

We had the best seafood dinner by the beach. We started with a tasting plate (only 17Euros) but there were like 6 different dishes of seafood, cooked in many different ways: 2 types of octopus, squid, mussels with dried sardinian type caviar (so good!!), Sa Burrida (dogfish marinated in vinegarette with walnuts - very very yum), cuttlefish. We managed to fit a fillet of steak and giant prawns for mains. Michelle nearly licked the plate of prawns.. The sauce was so yum..

Our dinner:

Day 2

We spent the day on the beach chilling out, roasting in the sun like everyone else.

3UploadedFile30.jpg UploadedFile33.jpg

Having lunch down at the beach, with the umbrella we borrowed from the hotel

That is how hot the sun is over here :)

Blake ended up pretty red, and I am just a darker brown :) We did put lots of sunscreen!!!

Our dinner:
Spaghetti with clams and mussels and Sardegnian caviar

We thought this was their traditional suckling pig.. But it wasn't- it was just a roast pork

Sardegnian dessert - seadas with warm honey (melted pecorino cheese on the inside)

Crispy thin bread- Carasau

Day 3

Another day on the beach..

The only shady part of town we could find :(

Day 4

We went on a speed boat excursion along the Golfo di Orosei starting at Cala Gonone where we are staying, all the way to Cala Golortize. It cost us Euro40 each for the whole day (7hours), but it was well worth it!!

We got dropped off at Cala Biriola for a swim, had lunch at Cala Mariolu, docked outside Cala Goloritze for a swim, and stopped at Grotte del Bue Marino to visit the cave

Our speed boat

Along the way we went through many caves, stopping at amazing beaches for some 'sun-tan' and a swim and for lunch. We also docked in the middle of the ocean for a swim in the crystal clear blue waters. It was amazing.

The best past of the day was seeing some mermaids in a cove. At least I (Blake) think they were mermaids, well they were pretty much naked and they wouldn't get out of the water... And just like real mermaids i wanted to jump in the water and stay with them forever :)

Beach time, having a swim at Cala Biriola

Blake doing a horsey off the boat! Everyone watching :) Also did a daredevil and the driver told me (Blake) i was awesome! Well i'm not sure what he said but thats my interpretation

large_20UploadedFile6.jpg 10UploadedFile15.jpg
Having a swim in the ocean :) looks like it was waving season.

Having lunch at Cala Mariolu

Driving inside the caves

The only way to get to this cave is by boat. This is still an active cave. Monk seals used to live here. They are now extinct in Italy because humans were using their beaches.

Blake's exciting day was seeing naked 'mermaids', Michelle's exciting day was seeing a flying fish!! It flew quite a long distance too..
Photo courtesy of google :(

We finished the day pretty burnt. Blake looks like a red lobster, mum said i look Indian, Blake said i look like a coon :(
Moral of the story.. Sunscreen that says it is waterproof isn't actually waterproof :( :(

Day 5

Being grumpy bums and staying out of the sun.

Dinner by the harbour/port
Yummy scallops

Spaghetti with sea urchin- taste better than it looks

Seafood ravioli- Sardegna's speciality

Watching the old boys hang out by the side of the road

Next stop Calgiari.. Stay tuned..

xoxo M&B

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seadas with warm honey - mmm i have lots of pecorino at home......

by paulyn

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